Serenity Alyanna Edward is a former Army journalist and civilian technical support manager, current writer and editor, as well as a  lifestyle coach, social media strategist and branding professional. Serenity focuses a great deal of her writing on leadership and social and business etiquette topics.

Under a number of different titles, Serenity has blogged consistently since 2000, and has a unique understanding of how social media and blogging can be partnered to create a powerful and effective brand.

SoulWithStyle was born of Serenity’s love of cooking and entertaining merging with desire to reinvent the great down-home comforting soul food she grew up with into healthier and more upscale versions.

As well as developing the SoulWithStyle brand, she  is currently blogging at Reinventing Serenity, where Serenity shares her yearlong project of changing her life in all areas, as well as working to personally build her brand.

Along with her professional pursuits, Serenity enjoys Star Trek and other sci-fi, reading, hosting dinner parties, cooking, good food, wine and conversation, girly things and geeky pursuits.

A Chicago native, Serenity now resides in Austin, Texas with her husband of almost twelve years, Antonio, and their rescue dogs, 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, Charlie and 1.5 year old Rat Terrier/chihuahua mix,  Jack. You can contact Serenity via e-mail at serenity.alyanna@gmail.com【最大1,000オフクーポン配布中!】八ツ矢工業(YATSUYA) ロールスカット 50cm×30m 14015(代引き不可)
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